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A Vine Halloween Tale

A Dark Man walks a dark street

A Dark Man needs a dark deed.

Looking.Waiting. He never waits long.

He seeks those that stop breathing in their sleep.

And takes their breath away!


It has been almost 10 years since I first use "Techno Bohemia" as a production title.  

The phrase was cooked up in a bar (Buck's Pizza, Johnson City, TN) by my buddies and I to describe ourselves.  We used the same creativity and problem solving that our ancestors did, we just have better tools.  I believe that, ideally, merging the simplicity and reliability of the old with the technological sophistication of the new, we can achieve an aesthetically pleasing amalgam of the best of the human condition in our art, writing, or even our technological design.

Originally, a catch-all, message board in the days before social networking intended to encourage local artists to swap idea and share projects, the rise of social networking sites made that project obsolete. (That was fine, since it was rarely used by just a few close friends.)

I then took the name and applied it to short films, and then, later to scripts, and finally any creative collaborations that I worked on with people.  

Finally, it was just me.  My love for the anachronistic blended with the modern to make something better than either.  Restore the finery to the impersonal, assign a new function to the outdated or obsolete allowing it new function.

I'm Shannon.  I am a dreamer, a creator,  I love to write and make you think.  This is my laboratory. This is Techno Bohemia.